When should I start the procedure for applying in foreign Universities ?
October 4, 2018
What qualifications, documents and references do I need to get admission in foreign university?
October 4, 2018
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At what levels do foreign universities absorb students?


Most of the foreign universities admit international students at both the undergraduate level and for postgraduate degree courses. The US universities, however, admit students to their postgraduate programmes if they have completed four years of graduation. French state universities take international students both for graduate studies and for postgraduate studies. The German universities and institutes of higher learning (Fachhochschulen) also welcome international students for their undergraduate degree programmes.

In Australia , Indian students can apply for a bachelor’s degree with Honours (four to seven years), Bachelors (three to six years), advance diploma (three years), diploma (one to two years) or certificates I-IV if they have done their 10+2. They can apply for Master’s degree, graduate diploma (one to two years) or graduate certificate after they have done their graduation.


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