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November 21, 2019
My friends call me a girl
November 21, 2019
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A boy is my friend on Facebook

A boy from a school near mine is my friend on Facebook. He says that he really like me a lot and gives me many compliments. I’ve started to like him too. He is very cute. I’m confused because my friends sometimes are his fans and sometimes hate him. He accepted all the requests my friends have sent even though he doesn’t know them. Because of this I think he’s a flirt. Plus he’s better-looking than me. Please give me your advice.

The best way to build a friendship is that of a personal face-to-face relationship, sharing joys and sorrows of life, helping and trusting each other. To have a friend on Facebook is not the same thing. As you are experiencing now, you end up getting confused and thinking he is “a flirt”. My advice is that you start real personal relationship filled with affection, trust and mutual help.


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